Moments For Life… Memories

Moments for life. I wish I’d kept track of them all throughout, I’d have an album of thoughts, memoirs and literature, photos unskipped.

It would be worth it I swear. From when, how and why we met, the journeys taken, hopping from here to there. Love bunnies. What we’ve done with us, for us. The steps we’ve taken and when we’d faltered together, how we picked ourselves up. Team work. The great times spent together, where I’d lent a helping hand and you as well. When I’d turned into a jerk in front of you and you jerking on me as well. Geeky stuff.

Moments for life. The best and worst of them all in one but lots of pieces though. I seriously wish they last forever and keep me company cause even though of your absence, I still have something to hold on to. I still have the moments for life. Of what was us. You and I. A ride into the sunset.

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