Move On

For how long are you going to spend your life caring about someone who pays the least attention to your feelings? Trying your best to impress them, to offer them the best that you could but they always taking you for granted. Useless.

Got you thinking that you were tailored to them. Flirting with you in their bed of lies. Nicki Minaj. Lifting your spirits up when they’re burying you six feet under instead. We ain’t supposed to be punished for loving people because love is supposed to be cherished, celebrated, god damn we’re supposed to be elevated in it not excommunicated.

You weren’t made to slave away for these people for you’re a free spirit…Life is too short to spend it with ungrateful sadists. Trying to take them down with judo & kungfu? Yet all you gotta do is to ignore them coz mama taught you not to waste time on such fools. So go on & be you with nothing to prove. Leave ‘em tripping like they always do.

For you’re now free to spread your wings & go explore your emotional potential elsewhere. Amazing is what you’ll find out there.

For all the rivers you may cry for the broken heart you are, you must find it in you to find a bridge & cross over to the other side where the grass is greener.

Yes you may find it hard to live without them but even before they came into your life, you were living & doing fine, so still, you can go back to eventually making it without them. Case closed. Am bouncing out.

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