Must You Leave?

…because I don’t wanna see you do. Why should I? When it’s with me that you said you were happier. Much more emotionally elevated. It’s heavier than it seems for me to take it all in. The memories.

When I had you I thought I had it all because it’s during those days when you were in my life did I know happiness in different ways than I had had in a long time. But now it’s back to broken dreams. Oh! How I envisioned you and me for life. Thought I was to ride with you so I always pulled you close, never wanting to let you go. I wish you knew.

But for a short time we had our run, Bonnie and Clyde, and now look at us. Our minds going back and forth. Trying to make sense of what is that is. The stuff we ignored, though we saw them coming, leading to our downfall. Babylon. Baby, my life just froze. I am losing you and I don’t know what to do. Cross roads. Because I thought I am the man who loved you better. Who respected you better. Who trusted you better. Treated you better. Knew your feelings better. Who supported you better. Who made you love yourself better. Who made you laugh a lil-more better. Who made love with you better. Who called you #Kitty better.

But do you really have to go? Is that what your heart tells you? That you should leave? Back to the life that hurt you? The man that broke you? To the place I picked you?

It was a short dance baby. Must you let the curtains drop? No standing ovation? No evidence of memories. Just only got one letter. No me and you in a photograph, how are we gonna tell our story better? That these two great humans met one day and made magic for six months without sounding like we’re liars.

I love you and wherever you go, it should stick to your heart or like Roxette said, “Listen to your heart.” #Kindle

10 thoughts on “Must You Leave?

  1. I can feel all the pain in this one. It’s so saddening when those we thought were our forever make a choice to end things BUT we get to realize later that they were never meant to be our forever people. We will always be glad they left when they did however much it hurt so bad.

    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

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