The Valentine’s Day That Broke Me.

Image by Ruffian on We Heart It

“I brought us flowers” your words still echo in my mind. 

I am seated right here trying to pick up the broken pieces, taking each day as it comes but it’s not an easy road. Valentine’s Day reminds me of the day I should have walked out on you but I stayed behind. Why? Because I loved how you lied to me. Rihanna. I was scared of being lonely. Akon. I vividly remember the night we planned something cozy indoors, dinner and a movie night. Lovers’ things. But the flowers on the table kept on hammering in the back of my mind. This whole flower thing was something new to us. Something wasn’t adding up. But I wanted to enjoy the moment with you. Have you to myself ‘cause you were mine. Or so I thought. Our first and last Valentines together. Something we didn’t know. I enjoyed our movie along with the dinner you prepared well. Off to bed we went, but my sixth sense wouldn’t allow me to rest so in the dead of the night, I woke up and had access to your phone. Damn! My gut feeling was correct. You were seeing someone else behind my back. She had bought ‘my’ flowers, and now everything started falling in and out of place. Can’t even make sense.

You had so much in common. The freedom and flexibility in your chats. No forcing matters. Lots of plans you had with her about the things I would beg you to do for me, with me, for us, you would freely give in to her. I was numb for some time. I’d lost my breath. What had I done to deserve this pain?

Valentine’s Day! I always looked forward to it. A day of spending quality time with my partner, but now one of my worst days as it reminds me of you. My ex partner. The red flowers here, yellow flowers there, all remind me of you. The painful us. How you lied to my face that she was just a friend. I tried to confront you, but it’s the lie you maintained. Our relationship was stained. Somebody had to walk away, and that was me. The beginning of our end.

I had to pack my bags for good and never look back for you had me broken. It has not been an easy road but I am picking up the pieces slowly. Valentine’s Day, oh! how that day broke me.

This beautiful piece is a masterpiece from the beautiful Linzimat from Zimbabwe. Safe to say, it’s a Uganda Zimbabwe romantic collabo. Follow her beautiful works on this her site;

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