Why Judge?

I have no right to judge people because definitely I am one of the most imperfect people you’ll ever meet. And secondly, I have no idea what most people are going through & the reasons why they’re going through whatever they’re going through.

Because of the imperfections I have, the mistakes I’ve made, even those I know I could or should have avoided & the pain I’ve lived through plus the lessons learnt, I decided to use the blogging powers vested in me to give people an advance ray of hope so that they are susceptible to less mistakes in their love, relationships & social wellbeing because I know what it feels like to live a broken, self-defeating, regrettable life. A life of “If only I knew.”

I love seeing people smile, love genuinely & living peacefully amongst themselves. That’s why I’ll be up on my medias preaching all the time. Nagging you with stories of pain & triumph so that one or two can draw inspiration from there. Stories I’ve read & heard about, stories people have confided in me with as well as my personal accounts but with my personal view on the matter so that I can leave the reader with the power to make their own judgment & decision basing on their own conscience.

Just like in the movies, how people are looking for a super hero to believe in & so is real life. Almost everyone is looking for someone to believe in. For something. An inspiration. For a reason to believe or to keep moving. To keep focused. To have faith. 

People are going through a lot & so probably are you. We all need each other. Our lives are stories for others to learn from. Live them well.

#Peace #Love

7 thoughts on “Why Judge?

  1. There’s definitely no need to judge whatsoever. We are all facing difficulties and the best we can do is to strengthen and uplift each other.

    I have noticed that you love peace and like you mentioned, you love putting people’s faces with your contagious smile. Thank you for this

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