Refuge In The Darkness

I take refuge in the darkness. Its solidness makes me come alive. Feels like a playground for me. Its loneliness gives me strength. Its stillness awakens my senses. Its blindness hides the tears and the fear in my eyes. The stories that hang in my mind etched on my heart like scars of the holocaust. Will never be forgotten. Their perpetrators, maybe they should never be forgiven. We don’t just waste love and forgiveness like that. We must put some respek to it.

The darkness. Gives me refuge to my damned heart and troubled soul. It’s like the safest place for me to run my mind. A table for me to lay my plans. Grand schemes. So many. It’s a crowd. Of thoughts. Wishes. Dreams. It’s like the canvas, a pallet in one hand, brush in the other as I am the painter and so on it I make the master strokes.

Its hideousness knows my pain and the anger, the disappointments and the fears that run and boil like a steam engine in my mind. Thomas. At one time like the unquenchable fires of the Amazon. Oh so help me God.

Darkness to me unfolds like the orchestra and my life is given the baton as I become the conductor…of my thoughts.

Motivated By a David Solis’ Top 10 Piano Covers.

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