Day 15 of #Winterabc2021. Day 1 of Culture & fashion. The color black.


Welcome to the fashion and culture week of the winterabc 2021 and today I am going to talk about colors…or in my case, a color…black.

I really love it to have as many different colored apparels in my closet as possible but I end up putting much love to the color black. black clothes give me a certain kind of energy that makes me feel strong, powerful or whatever you want to call it.

My love for black was influenced by pop culture (like so many other trends) and mainly by three American hip-hop artists; Jay Z, Usher and Young Jeezy. I really loved how they rocked their black outfits. they felt like they were in control of whatever they were doing. their hard lines were the bomb. I followed suit.

Jay Z
Young Jeezy

Now about the ladies. A lady rocking the color black is my kryptonite. There’s a way it gives them that sexy vibe and a sense of control. When I see them walk around in black outfits, it always looks like they are confident and proud. A complete turn-on for me. And then man mad black lingerie…..umhff.

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