To The Woman Who Mothered A Kingdom.

Aunt Harriet (RIP)

Is it possible to lose a parent in parts? If it is then I just did. It’s part one. (June 14, 2021)

I was born to a young couple that barely had any idea of parenting. When things got heated for them, they ‘left’ me at my paternal grandmother’s home. A housewife made a widow by the guns of former president’s soldiers; Apollo Milton Obote. Brutal.

Resources were hard for her especially about my education but nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there. A place where I first picked interest in dancing…and art.

Then at about the young age of three, my aunt, Nabatanzi Harriet, God bless her soul, picked interest in me & took me in…slowly.

Slowly because it didn’t happen at once. She got me a friend’s nursery school to study from but I had to commute from my grandmother’s to the school under the escort of my teacher, Ms. Bena. After school, that’s when I would go to her home, have lunch, bathe, and whatnot as I waited for my uncle, Kamyuka to go back home with me. This went on till I was in Primary One & that’s when she moved me into her home permanently.

In Africa, it is easier for a woman to bring her relatives to stay with her family and I was it. That is when my life took the best turn. It didn’t happen to me alone but there were a number of us after me. That’s the kingdom she built. She mothered.

In a family of seven; her husband, and 5 children (Ronnie, Olga, Michael, Fiona, & Allan), I became member number 8… & after me, she continued to bring in others more (Borren, Cedrick, Brian, & a lot more grandchildren (10)). She then mothered her siblings, however old they’d become. She mothered many of her friends and their children. A low-key counselor for many. Best believe when I tell you that that is an entire kingdom.

For the rest of my life, even with my imperfections & drama, they never gave up on me as they made sure I pushed to the best of my abilities. School fees, food, clothing, scholastics, everything was on them till I was adult enough to start my own life.

I have never seen such a bigger blessing from any human ever. Such angels should stay with us forever, but I guess God needs them with Him much as we do & when they’re gone, they’re irreplaceable.

I hope I make her proud because I am sure she sends blessings on me from heaven. I miss her. I love her.

16 thoughts on “To The Woman Who Mothered A Kingdom.

  1. May the good Lord comfort you all that she left behind.
    Thank you for sharing a part of her with us.
    Sending you loads of hugs!

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