We’re Tired Of Picking Up Your Broken Pieces

One of the most draining things is trying to love a broken heart. Some people are so emotional that when their hearts are broken, getting them to trust & love again is a world war of its own. You really have to prove your worth even if you mean well for them.

There are not so many reasons that may have caused this & one of them is actually something to blame them for. Most of these are usually the women & it’s something to do with their emotions.

Most women usually make their relationship decisions basing on emotions. (Which is normal by the way) But it’s something that usually puts them in tight spots as it makes them vulnerable & easily manipulated by a tricky lot of guys. Those bastards.

However, some of us want to encourage them to make most relationship decisions basing on their brains because men easily manipulate them through their emotions (with niceties like cars & usually money) ending up in shitty relationships & situations just because they were blinded from seeing the bigger picture.

By using their brains, they could try weighing the pros & cons of the relationship they’re being led into, ask the hard questions, look for the validity of the man, check his family & friends’ circles, hear his views on important aspects about life like family, education, general knowledge, etc. & then involve the emotions too. And to also not open their legs quickly just because of a few beers & seen his car keys. (Rolls eyes)

She shouldn’t turn down a simple guy who would’ve treated her better just because another guy flashed car keys & stuff…even if there are clear red flags about him. That’s why we try to open up their minds to be cautious of what kind of relationships to engage in & to see things like cars & money as common items & not determinants of a perfect relationship…however much we’re getting hated for it (as the truth hurts). 

The most concern goes towards the girl-child because they suffer the most (health, financial & emotional wise) when relationships go wrong however much some of us use the harsher tone because sometimes people need a rude awakening. Soft talks are easily ignorable. Taken as usual jazz.

For the boy-child, it’s not easy to tame them because they control what most girls are looking for, the resources (money) which means that they’ll always be a target for the girls but we can still advise them to use that money where it’s humane. Spending that money on the one girl you want to spend the rest of your life with shouldn’t hurt.

We should start grooming the boy child from a very young age on how to treat the female gender (like how females are groomed on how to handle a man from a young age) so that they grow up with it ingrained in their mind & also make men be more responsible for the decisions they make especially when they’re not willing to love that woman forever. Why manipulate her into your shitty life if your only aim is to eat that cookie & run away? At least be straight up & let be known that it’s just a fling. Yes, you’ll find women who’ll be up for it other than smashing her raw, get her pregnant & then run away. Why? You evil bastard!

People are tired of picking up the pieces you broke because of your shitty actions. And some are tired of fighting emotional battles from the emotional mistakes you made with some sick bastard whom you gave your life to without thinking clearly about it.

Am I too cold? Blame it on those who came before you.

10 thoughts on “We’re Tired Of Picking Up Your Broken Pieces

  1. People deserve a second chance depending on the situation and how much damage has been done! I think it’s important we’re all treated at a young age how to be respectful of everyone, especially boys towards girls and that we are all equal x

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