Family and the Pandemic 7

Hi guys, after responding to Connie Dia’s call for a family and the pandemic blog series, my submission is finally out on these streets. Enjoy it here.

Behind Closed Screens

Hallo, thank you for accepting to take part in the family blog series.
So tell us, what do you think makes a family?

Biologically, its people of the same blood lineage (mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, grannies & the like) yet still, on the streets, a family is made up of people connected by and for the hustle.
They roll together to make it through life.

How would you best describe your family?

I come from the best extended family there ever been.
Raised by my aunt whose family got my back from day one, I became the sixth child.

What kind of family structure do you come from?

I grew up at my aunt’s home because my parents had separated when I was young so that makes it an extended family.
However, I am in close contact with both of my biological parents & we…

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