When You Love Someone.

You best know how much you love somebody the moment you feel bad when you see them hurt, especially if it’s you who’s hurt them or when you were not in control of the situation that hurt their feelings, unfortunately. The moment you feel lonely & miss their company when they’re absent. When you think their presence is the one thing that can lift your spirits. How enchanting!

The moment you start laughing/ smiling alone just thinking/ remembering something about them. Reminiscing. The blush you have coming from remembering something sweet about them. When you just want to show them off to all and sundry. When you want to walk up to a stranger and tell them all about your person. You just can’t get them out of your mouth because the heck, the world needs to know about this angel of a person. That they still live among us. The moment you start defending their wrongs & turning blind to their flaws because you can bare it all. Some of which flaws make you fall deeper in love with that person. How sweet!

The moment you start feeling uneasy when you see them with someone of the opposite sex especially when they’re happy like as if you don’t make them happy enough (that insecurity) & ultimately the moment you start putting your future plans with them together. And their falling in line too. How encouraging!

It’s probably that person who’s been on your mind while you’re reading this post. Problem is, some of you been thinking about two people or more …that’s social-sexual networking & it ain’t cool, silly.

Have you watched Lucas Graham’s “When you love someone”?

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