Why The Current Loss Of Empathy

A prominent Ugandan politician, affiliated to the ruling party (NRM) that has held power for the last 30 something years in a country whose economic, social & education situation are going more south than Manchester United lost a pair of cute boy twins when they drowned in his swimming pool. Sad.
As usual, social media reacted & not surprisingly, it got got divided with some expressing sorrow while others were joyous. Commonly weird these days, right?

This politician is known for two major incidences that I would say determined the way people related with his children’s passing. One, is about the land evictions that he took
part in. For a land eviction operation he enforced, some people were badly injured, their property destroyed and sadly, some lives were lost. In another, he illegally carried a gun into the parliament seating where a fierce battle took place between the ruling party MPs (to which he belongs) and the opposition & people risked being shot.
So, following this tragedy that happened to him, some were saddened while others were evidently not touched at all.
For the saddened, it’s obvious, people get sad for others when tragedy strikes. But for the other side, I think I have an explanation why.

You see, it’s uncommon for people to become bitter overnight, especially in a situation like this. Such a show of bitterness is an indicator that the victim did something that has been
eating at people’s minds for some time, got etched on their hearts & memories & it’s until tragedy struck, that they turned up to show him something equal to what they felt
when he did what he did to them. And this is quite evident to any one that’s lenient to the NRM.

Another example from a different context? Right. Some girls don’t become ‘loose’ or such overnight, as some might actually have loved their men with all their heart but the idiotic imbeciles showed them the L instead. All that anger, hurt, pain & disappointment unfortunately turned the girls into something else. They lost meaning to what love is exactly so they’re also reciprocating. The unfortunate bit is that it may be transferred to an innocent person. Like the politician’s tragic case of the twins’ passing.

One thing we should know is that, it’s us who create monsters or angels in people depending on how we treat them. Anything that overlooks humanity will always get a parallel reaction from those aggrieved. It’s the state of things these days. We’ve lost

You may preach forgiveness & healing plus all Christian virtues but some people heal differently; Mainly depending on how far they were attached to the matter that broke

I think this post is sponsored by my anger & disappointment over something that happened beyond my control. I sometimes wonder whether God even cares. I need help,
sometimes I cry out in my silence.

6 thoughts on “Why The Current Loss Of Empathy

  1. “It’s uncommon for people to become bitter overnight… Such a show of bitterness is an indicator that the victim did something that has been eating at people’s minds for some time”. I totally agree with this statement. Anger that is not dealt with in a timely manner will turn into bitterness and bitterness can lead to other mental health issues.

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