You’re Better Now

Aight, listen up:

Do not give anyone the power to break you. Do not. They found you alive, it’s OK, and you’re still breathing. Good things happened? Fine, they’ll still happen when they’re gone. They didn’t run away with your good luck basket, did they? You still have it & the Lord you serve will still make it overflow till you can bless more & more people with it.

He, the highest heard your cries, felt your pain & disappointment & sure enough He’ll remember you with abundance more. Even when you least expect it.

They left you hastily? No problem. Don’t feel irrelevant, useless, or hopeless. Pressurized to prove yourself? Nah, just let it flow. Don’t let their failure to see your worth make you think you’re invaluable. He’ll bless you so much more you’ll overtake they won’t know what shoot past them.

You’ll smile because of Him. You’ll dance & rejoice & you’ll be filled with so much love, happiness & blessings you won’t even believe it yourself.

Do not let anyone break you. You’re so much in a better place to rebuild yourself & excel exceedingly.

#StayBlessedFam #stayloving

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