Understanding How Prayers Work (Shadray & Connie Dia Collab)

So. Something happened to me that got me really mad, I was left asking myself whether the person who had done it will still go before God & pray for blessings & if God will actually answer them positively. In the heat of my anger, I wrote the piece below… before someone else read it & gave me a completely different lecture on prayers in an attached piece just right after mine. It’s all in this article.


“You may ask yourself why some of your prayers seem to take ages to come true than others & you end up thinking again that God does for others better than He does for you.

But the thing is that sometimes it is in what you pray for that determines what & when you will get it. E.g. When King Solomon ascended to power, he had the opportunity to ask God for so much. Riches, victory in wars, love, etc. but of all that, he simply asked for wisdom & when God heard this, He was pleased & on top of that wisdom, he added him victory over his enemies & riches. Wow. How generous.

I.e. when praying, analyze your prayer before sending it out. Does it really fit at that moment? Does it benefit or coerce others? Why emphasize prayer for a car while still renting a one-roomed house? Why not a plot of land first then (financial) power to build next? Why pray to take over someone’s position at work? Where do you want them to go? Is God going to answer that? You’re praying to get into someone’s life yet you know they got a partner. Are you going to get mad justifiably when God snubs you?

We are told not to limit ourselves but remember, we’re also told to think before we act.

However, after realizing that I had a very Christian friend amongst my circle, I extended a collab request to her to contribute to my piece & see if she shared the same views as mine.

However, to my surprise, she came back with a whole new piece, totally different from what I had written & below are her beautiful thoughts on the matter of the sanctity of prayers.

Connie Dia https://behindclosedscreens.wordpress.com/    for those that wish to connect with her on her site.

“If anything, prayer reveals how personal God is. Prayer is commanded of Christians all through scripture. Please note, I said Christians.

I am grateful for Shadray reaching out & asking me to contribute to this topic. (Shadray- “Pleasure is mine’’)

I am going to try & shed light on my view of prayer by the word today & I must admit, it wasn’t always so.

I hope by the end you will have an idea of what prayer is about & for. (Shadray- “Sure”)

I currently don’t subscribe to such a thing as one prayer being more powerful than the other because that would seem you have a role to play in getting prayers answered. (Shadray- “But don’t I?’’)

God is so sovereign he doesn’t need help in doing anything. He is already involved in everyone’s life to accomplish what He has set out to do in them. All power resides with God to do or not to do. Hope this is clear enough. (Shadray- “Kinda’’)

However, we can speak on ‘Effective Prayer’. We all want our prayers answered I presume. (Shadray- “You def’ right?’’) We can start with one of those promises Jesus actually made to Christians.

John 15:7 ‘If you abide in Me, & My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, & it shall be done for you.’ I know how it’s so heartwarming to know that Jesus actually said this. I could feel someone’s hand raised already saying “Yes, yes this is it.’’ (Shadray- “me me”)

I recently came across a quote ‘ We are followers of the word & not editors.” This is it. We cannot ignore that a parameter was set.

If you abide in me & my words abide in you.” His parameter is clear on what will make this an effective prayer. You must abide in him &his words abide in you.

Let’s look at another one just to guide us a little more on how we ought to carry the content &context of the word as written. (Shadray- “Sure’’)

1 John 3:22 ‘And whatever we ask we receive from Him because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.’

This again juices it all over. Whatever we ask we receive from Him. Amazing! Right!

But look at the statement, there is a continuation “…because we keep His commandments & do those things pleasing in His sight.”

Another commonly used scripture is; Psalms 37:4 ‘Delight yourself also in the Lord, & He shall give you the desires of your heart.’

What am I trying to bring out here? ~ (Shadray- “Do tell me’’)

The only joy that lasts is when our desires are drawn out from His desires &they are the ones with a promise attached to them.

In simple terms, spending time in the presence of God, in His word, your affections &desires are changed or rather aligned within God’s will for you. (Shadray- “Nice’’)

Prayer is not for gratifying natural desires, it’s a gift for bringing joy &satisfaction to those that are in tune with God.

James 4:3 ‘You ask & do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend [it] on your pleasures.’

It’s here. We ask wrongly to spend it on our pleasures. (Shadray- “Yup, you’ve nailed it’’)

I quote; “If you have no business obeying God, in bringing the whole of your life, your attitude from morning to night into conformity to His values & in getting your desires from His desires, prayer is not your business.”

~John Piper~ (Shadray- “Wow!!!’’)

So yes, you may say prayers that will not come to pass because they were never aligned in God’s desires for you. ~ (Shadray- “Interesting!!!’’)

Prayers may seem to take long to be answered according to you but by what measure do you use that it has taken long?

It’s in God’s power on how and when He chooses to or not to do something.

Analyzing prayer before sending it out is an errand not worth taking. God already knows what’s in your heart before you even say it. (Shadray- “Oh my’’) A prayer is a place of the most vulnerability you can ever experience.

As to what I know now, Shadray is right on this. (Shadray- “yayyy!!!’’)

Think before you act or rather before you pray. Do Think. Thinking will lead you to ask the right questions & hence search out for answers.

Prayer reminds us so much of who God is & who we actually are.

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