Her Night Shirt…

She stood in the middle of the room scrolling through her phone. Seems something had caught her attention. The lights were out & the only thing keeping me busy is looking at the silhouette of her body in the dim security light. Outside was peaceful. 11:15 p.m. peaceful.

A car passed by in the street & its headlamps, through the white, light curtains, threw a beam on her. It cast a perfect silhouette of her body on the lime wall of the room.

Damn. She looked voluptuously amazing. I instantly felt aroused. Her standing posture was vixen. She had her left hand holding her waist, the shirt, slightly revealing her brown thighs stopped short at her upper thighs. She was a Delilah. I was Samson. Tempted.

I couldn’t hold myself no more as I got off my bed & sneaked up on her. I wrapped my hands around her waist. She shivery tickled & let out a soft chuckle. I pushed her gently to the wall in front of her. She threw her phone on the fur rug on the floor & raised her hands up against the wall. She then slightly bent forward, turned her face up & let out a soft moan. She felt it too. Unison.

I then started kissing her neck. It had goosebumps. I then dropped my hands to the hem of her shirt, slid them inside & lifted it slightly up to the part where the ass connects to the thighs. The coolness lifted the hairs on her thighs. I felt them. Meanwhile, my lips were working wonders on the back of her neck.

I crept my hands up the inside of the shirt & rested them on her breasts. I moved closer to her bent-over body & made contact with her round ass. She was bare-bottomed. My horn doubled.

I then slowly moved my left hand gently down the front of her body, reached the navel & made circles around it. Then I dropped further until I came to her pubes. They were short & prickly just the way I liked it. I made imaginary circles around them. Enjoying their coarseness on my fingers. I could feel a certain dampness around her lady parts so I dropped lower. My index finger intentionally brushing past her pussy-lips. It was dump. Shorty got water. Wet.

She left out soft moans with every movement I made. I kissed her cheeks softly. She likes it. We hadn’t been fighting so we eased it.

Sooner than later, I moved my hand to her inner thighs & I felt the juices had already trickled down there. She was wet & out of ecstasy with her thighs, she closed my hands in tighter.

Meanwhile, my right hand kept working her breasts. Skipping from one to the other. Equality. I nibbled at her ear & she lost her grip.

Quicker than before, I dipped my middle finger into her pussy & she nearly fainted.  Surprise attack. Rock-steady I held her weight. She let all the juices flow…all of a sudden.

She immediately span around but placed her hands back on the wall. I lifted the shirt over her body, as she unbuckled & dropped my pants. I hoisted her up & pressed her back against the wall, her thighs resting on my arms. I dove my face into her breasts & the rest is history.

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