Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

The year of our Lord, 2021 ends tonight. Probably the worst year I’ve ever lived
through, yet but stull, the Lord has not forsaken me. Isn’t He wonderful?
For starters, I work in a very troubled sector (education) and so we have suffered
the longest closure. Whereas so many schools fell out of business (some
completely) I was contracted to an online education service provider and for the
two years of complete closure, I have been able to survive on what the service
provider could provide and for all that time, I never lacked.

I lost my mother (aunt actually but for what she did for my life, I called her
mother) That was my biggest low this year. There is no way I can best express my
pain and sorrow but I bless the Lord for the life she lived and how she blessed
every one her life touched. I am hopeful that she’s resting with the angels.

2022 is here. I don’t know what it holds but I am optimistic that it will be
better….and that in it, I will find love again.

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