I Wanna Move On

I wanna move on & stay away from you. It’s not something that I thought I’ll ever want to do but now it’s what I am left to do. I got to. I thought I was your best friend but didn’t know we were two. Your number one but it turned out I wasn’t your favorite boo.

Is that what you could do? To someone you told you loved & you know they loved you too? Damn. I felt I’d fallen in too deep. I actually was but then I look back and think I was like a fool. Ashanti.

I was too blind to notice that this love we shared wasn’t gonna last… with me. How did it skip me? It never hit me.

You talked of true love when you was with me but when you hooked up elsewhere I can hardly even believe that you was real with me. Heart matters tragedy. So I wanna break free and move on because I didn’t sign up for this love comedy.

One thought on “I Wanna Move On

  1. Nice.

    These days I ask the question, Can I depend on you? Can you depend on me?

    Recovering from a betrayal especially when you didn’t see it coming is never easy.

    How many betrayals can one take in life?

    One can always find someone new to create a two-way dependency.

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