The Most Influential Ugandan Rappers In Serial Order. (My Opinion)

The Uganda rap music scene has for a long time been one without much controversy especially when it was in the 90’s largely because people paid least attention to it. For a continent known for its vibrant dances and music, rap music especially from the natives has always tried hard to come through. However, as the youths generation continued to outgrow its elderly, the appeal to the kind of music which interested it grew and out went Congolese music, South African music, and, thanks to more exposure to international media, rap and RnB took over.

From there our very own started venturing into the western sounds thus birthing a number of rappers in our own backyard.

Below, as hip-hop has grown over the years, are some of those I think have been very influential in its presence in Uganda.

Rocky Giant – I think he’s the pioneer Luganda rapper & his storytelling Luganda raps helped artists to pick up because the only rap music we had then was international & in English. He’s best known for songs like paka last, Rafik, mulembe gwa ba ras.

Navio – Because he is one of the most consistent pioneer English rappers to date, though he’s been forced to cross into Luganda to tap into the market. He might as well be the first to form the first English rap group in Uganda, Klear Kut in the Ealey 2000s. My best song of his is African hustler.

GNL – He revolutionized rap music in Uganda.  with songs like koyi koyi, mr. right, story ya Luka, soda jinjale, he’s largely considered the greatest Ugandan rapper. The rest is history.

Keko. I am not sure whether she’s the pioneer female rapper but her presence in the scene made us realize that the girl child too can step up and bring down the Ug hip-hop house. her songs make you dance and this is how we do it were a storm.

Sylvester (L) & Abrams (R)

Sylvester & Abrams duo – The duo helped support the breakdance industry in Uganda which is an element of hip hop through running a n umber of dace projects especially under the breakfast jam franchise based in Nsambya but with countrywide breakdance projects. Sylvester has also ventured into clothing with his apparel label Zivva Muntuyo while Abrams doubles as a break dancer turned educator and motivational speaker. Their major hit together is lemerako.

Gravity Omutujju – He brought a unique style to the game, a ‘one drop’ rap style & many other artists picked up from there. His songs include; winner, swagga and tusimbudde.

Fik Fameika – His catchy unique style has been picked up by so many other young rappers. On his name he has songs like pistol, property and buligita.

Fresh Kid – He’s changed the rap game for a number of kids & shown that they too can & he’s literally a national sensation. He even helped elevate his opportunistic father out of poverty. He has songs like; bambi and banteeka.

Remember, this list is not about the best, entertaining or successful but the most influential/ inspirational rappers. The ones that have paved the way for others or had others try to copy their style or always got the industry running around because of their bars.

What’s your opinion?

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