It Must Have Been Love

When I saw you first & sought you out.When I knew your flaws & ignored them. Never used them against you. For I was looking at the bigger picture. Of course, that’s of me & you.I’d looked into my future & placed you there. For what is eternal love if I only wanted to live … Continue reading It Must Have Been Love

Is Age Just A Number?

It has always led to a cocktail (mostly negative) of public reactions whenever it comes out that a young man has, of all things, wedded an older woman in Africa. In fact, it is considered the other way round. That the woman has wedded the man. It has always been a taboo especially by the … Continue reading Is Age Just A Number?

In Love I Have Fallen

…with a non-royal but yet a princess. Charming imperfections, incredible beauty & breathtaking aura. With intelligence that excites me. Her wit ignites me. Her laugh cracks me. Her voice is my music. She blows me away like a hilltop waft. Kisses my face like the sea to the beach & chills my heat like a … Continue reading In Love I Have Fallen

Dear Girl, Date For You, Not For The World

Once upon a time, boy set out to find a girl. He knew exactly what qualities he wanted in ‘the one’. A few months rolled by and he found her. She was great and they picked up like best friends should. In his modesty, she loved him because he made her feel exactly how she … Continue reading Dear Girl, Date For You, Not For The World