Dear Girl, Date For You, Not For The World

Once upon a time, boy set out to find a girl. He knew exactly what qualities he wanted in ‘the one’. A few months rolled by and he found her. She was great and they picked up like best friends should. In his modesty, she loved him because he made her feel exactly how she wanted a man to make her feel and she couldn’t wait to let her friends know about him. Or so she wanted.

Well, she eventually did tell them about him and they were all about her about his life. What does he do? What does he own and what not? They had a materialistic measure for love and romance. Not that it is bad, but for them, it was straight up first place important. So when she told them that he got no car, it was when her relationship started going downhill. They made it a must to try to meet her with potential boyfriends at their hangouts and social media. They couldn’t believe that she was stooping so low as bringing a car-less guy into their circle. Stories of how he treats & makes her feel well weren’t entertained because to them, love without ‘stuff’ isn’t love, just time wasting. They pointed out all the worst scenarios this relationship of hers seemed wrong. It was sad…and eventually, sadly, she had to let the guy go…because the girlfriends’ committee had sat and decided for her what is best for her…according to their standards. 

This brought me to say that most girls date according to peer pressure. She’ll find a guy who loves her sincerely, gives her what he can afford, has his priorities right but if her girls tell her why she dating one with no car then she’ll dump him. To most of them, stories of we shall work together and rise above it all are a myth. They want the man already made. There are no humble beginnings in some girls’ vocabulary.

On the other hand, men usually date a girl whom they actually love despite what his squad thinks. The squad starts chilling once they realize how serious & happy their boy actually is. On the other hand, the girl’s squad will never chill as they feel like such a guy can’t fit in their squad of boyfriends’ level.

Now when one of her girls makes moves on her man, then she’ll be mad. But why you mad honey? She helped you lay down the qualities of a kind of man you should have… and it turns out that that’s her type of man too.  And it’s usually these up & down chicks. The ones who think TikTok is the best thing man ever created because it enhances their lifestyle…& good for thirst trapping. (Google it) Damn, why am I salty.

5 thoughts on “Dear Girl, Date For You, Not For The World

  1. Well, it goes back to what friends we chose and what boundaries we’ve drawn with them, My friends are the kinds who will follow you blindly into the relationship, its not their place but if things south, they’ll be the ones to grieve along and pick you up. Number 1 rule, we don’t interfere.

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