In Love I Have Fallen

…with a non-royal but yet a princess. Charming imperfections, incredible beauty & breathtaking aura. With intelligence that excites me. Her wit ignites me. Her laugh cracks me. Her voice is my music.

She blows me away like a hilltop waft. Kisses my face like the sea to the beach & chills my heat like a wintry breeze or as radiant as the morning rays that cast brilliant colors of yellow & red on the dark morning skies. Inducing the birds to sing songs. The ones that sound of hope that yet again it is a new dawn for love to continue reigning supreme. New horizons.

She is like a river of clean, clear water. Azure. Like that which flows from mountain tops. Margherita, Rwenzori. Oh, how cool or cold it feels & yet refreshing to our barren throats. Or she’s like the desert rain. For those with hate or love alike, they all wait for it to shower from the clouds that show up the least in the desert times.

She’s like a prayer that comes along with it a miracle….a prophecy long awaited.

God given.

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