Of Bad Dates; The Mobile Phone

An cartoon image of a girl who is being rude to her date by being obsessed with taking selfies.

Dates are supposed to be amazing times usually spent with someone of importance to you (that’s why they’re commonly held by lovers or those with the prospect of becoming one) I hold this view because I RARELY go on dates unless if I am in a relationship or when searching & this person holds the possibility of becoming the one. For that matter, I always treat dates with respect & the way I conduct myself during one is how I can best show it…especially by respecting the dos & don’ts & that includes my relationship with the mobile phone.

I always try to put my phone aside during my dates so that I give the person I am with my undivided attention irrespective of whatever they’re saying. I mean, it’s just 3-4 hours, the phone jazz can wait, unless if you’re a CIA agent & you need to keep track of a security threat somewhere. If you have more important things to do than be here at the date, then you should simply have cancelled it from the beginning. Seriously.

If someone is juggling the attention they’re giving you with the one they’re giving their phone for the duration the date, then that should be it for you with them. I could not simply believe that I put aside my time & usually my resources to be with someone who is virtually interested with other people elsewhere at that very moment. I am freaking right here in front of you, hello.

It shows that if my goal was to get into a relationship with you then I am most likely to spend the greater part of it fighting to be noticed as most likely, whatever is keeping them on the phone at such a time of what should be a beautiful moment of physical interaction is more important & I am likely to be second base.

If that so happens at a date that I am at then most likely there will never be any other physical interaction (date) from me with them again…unless of course, if they can prove they have changed.

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