On Provision In A Relationship, Pt. 2 (Complementarity)

Some ideologies have kept some people in certain unpleasant situations because they’ve refused to bend & adjust to the changing times. To the times that now everyone is highly responsible for their happiness. Other people coming in are just complimentary.

Ideologies like “men must always provide” have kept many females in single mother situations or sleeping around trying to hook that ‘rich’ guy who’s gonna forfeit his resources taking care of her lifestyle & sadly when it starts to dawn on them that the clock is ticking then they start tripping all over the place looking for any available suitor yet their sisters who realized that a relationship can run well if both parties set to mutually make it work are actually comfortably enjoying their men because their men are ‘investing’ in them in appreciation of the wonderful things they’re bringing to the relationship not for what they’re siphoning from their men. Psychology.

These men know the natural law of providing in a relationship but their women didn’t have to rub it in their faces. Many women ‘submissively’ tricked their way in & boom, they’re running the show alongside their ‘unsuspecting’ husbands. They showed LOYALTY and SUPPORT and the impressed man had to OPEN THE WALLET. Win win.

So, as you join the ‘men were born to provide’ crusade, hope that one day you won’t be caught in situations where men will only pretend that they’re going to finance you only to smash you & run back to their women who calculated their moves right & sometimes leave you with unplanned pregnancies if not diseases or abortion cases hence limiting your chances of finding a man who’ll take you in with your kid from another failed relationship. Or get in a situation where you feel like you finally want to have a kid so you’re now ready to give birth for any MF because you fear your biological clock is ticking & you no longer care whether he leaves money that can only buy salt.

Women are now championing so many things out there alongside their men. Many are chipping in at their homes when the man is strained for a moment & when the brother gets it, he doesn’t hesitate to pimp her out while others are actually wearing the pants in the home and at no time have they labeled stupid. All this is happening because they both knew that he’s supposed to provide but they kept it on the low because they were looking at a bigger picture, family, & all these were compliments that come along the way. 

But anyway, who am I to discourage you from your grand scheme of finding that man that will provide you all your life’s needs. Knickers, toilet paper, food & mascara. Maybe your girlfriends hustling to the top alongside their men are stupid (to you) & they don’t know their worth. What do I know? I am just Kinene Shadray Marvin who wouldn’t mind giving my girl some if I got it because as a man, I know it is part of what I am supposed to be. A provider.

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