Let Them Go…If You Love Them

Happily, ever after, is a great myth. It is actually said that a relationship that has no issues to fight about is a false. Something underlying must be wrong with the couple. Normal people can’t just be agreeing about everything & anything & all that’s because we’re both different & these differences have to cause friction somewhat somewhere.

However, as these fights continue to come up, there are those that are caused by issues that are literally irreconcilable. Those issues that come like colonizers; to divide & conquer & make the couple ask themselves whether this is the person they really want to spend the rest of their life with. What makes them worse to deal with are the emotions. You really love this person but this issue is really turning out to be something that will be hard to let pass & eventually, you grow weary till you decide to end it. The relationship.

Well, what happens after this period is another ultimate test. Was it the right choice? What now? How is life without them going to be & you may likely spend plenty of your next days stalking them or contemplating on whether to call them or not. It’s a pure emotional circus.

Sometimes the only way to find out that you love someone is by letting them go. It’s worth the risk. Well, only if you’ll get them back. Sometimes you gotta take the plunge. Love doesn’t come easy. It has its costs. You gotta pay the price. Take the dreaded bet. 

You’ll hear the beat of your heart in their absence. A beat that misses someone. Someone who made it beat some typa way. For their glaring absence. 

Your ears will miss their voices. Their laughter. Their breath when they’re sleeping. 

Your lips will long for their kisses. Your eyes to see their faces. Your hands to fill up their very spaces. Your bodies pressed together, a lovers’ embrace.

Let each of you go. It may be the space that you just needed to find your true self…when you find out that y’all can’t live without each other then it’s high time you made it happen again…hopefully, this time to last.


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