…Of Spiked Drinks.

If you go deep into the internet, you will find unsettling videos of girls in usually uncomfortable states, half or fully naked, and or knocked out, some with a guy (who doesn’t show face) doing all kinds of nasty things to her. Sometime back, many women filed complaints against porn sites that had their unconsented videos removed from their sites. Videos especially where they were being sexually violated with many seemingly under the influence of a spike and in a party setting. Some have the word ‘drugged’ in the title or tags.

In Uganda, where I am from, there was a video trending of a girl who was being ridden home by a motorcyclist and she was clearly knocked out. God knows what she had taken but it clearly showed the night had been wild. People came out to ask why would someone drink themselves to such levels of lack of self-awareness and others blamed the people she would have rolled with that night. Like, they would have known a thing or two about her drink getting spiked or something.

For one who had had an opportunity to hang out at night in my early youth as well as been watching a lot of European movies where sex trafficking and drug abuse are a lot, I thought, below, this is how it all goes down. The spiked drink scenario.

In most cases, your drink gets spiked because you’re mixing & mingling with people you didn’t come with. In some instances, you saw people who have money so you get close to them because you want to tap their cash. You be there teething & whining with them & in one wrong turn of distraction, your drink is spiked. So they knock you out before you could spend more of their money. Usually, because other people have been seeing you with them, they wouldn’t care much because they think you’re all friends so the guys would carry you out without much of a fuss. Given the trouble someone has to go through with a knocked out person, no one would intend to spike out a friend they came with unless if your friend is a trafficker. But then, where do you get friends who would do such a thing? 

I for one, I have limits on my drinking. I only do Smirnoffs (3 bottles max) & if it’s missing from the list of alcohols around then I’ll do sodas or juice because I don’t do other beers. I can try a few wines & I can tell when my mind is potentially going outta control so I stop. I don’t do shisha because I find it stupid, & don’t smoke weed because it’s also stupid. 

My friends used to call me a bee because I would prefer the soft stuff but always wanted to go out with me because they knew I would be the soberest person to keep security around them might they lose it. (I’ve had enough of carrying people on my back & negotiating with police because of drunk people.) 

It’s called living responsibly, not living life the way you wanna & then you turn into a nuisance to yourself & others once you’ve lost your senses to drinking (because now we mainly have to deal with ducking from people recording your stupid drunken behavior & the police.)

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