One Day, It’ll Be Worth It, Again.

There are moments when something is bugging your mind and all you need is a place to be so that your mind can run to it and figure it out. Quite awkwardly, I do get that when I am in a taxi especially on my way home, seated by the window, my favorite place. Watching life pass me by.

Today, it happened to me. Coming from sad memories of love that was, in the form of a series of questions and a ray of hope at the end, here goes, the same questions I have for you;

Have you ever loved someone so good you literally felt like you’re an attachment on their life? Like a Superman to catch a bullet for them? Be there for them when the sky is falling on them?

Have you ever been in a relationship with everything you do pointing to living a life with that someone? A story of forever? 

And then, has it ever come to a one gray day when all this has faded? When they’ve run away with all your dreams, all your hopes? All your strength & you feel every brick you’ve put on the wall, building this relationship, has been brought down? When the forever is now just a skeleton of your hopes & desires? When all you’re seeing is a void in the place where you saw your future together with them?

Tears flowing down your pillow every night? When you stand in the rain so that it washes them away? 

When out of the naked blue sky, someone thought you are the most useless thing their lives ever met? Worse if they walked out the door with no explanation why? The disrespect. The dishonor? When they future faked you? The audacity.

I am so sorry if you have ever gone through that moment.

However, one day, life will remember your pain & smile down at you with the blessing of doing life with someone worth every moment, effort, and promise you have put in. Yes, that time is coming when love will smile down at you, again.

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