Patience Pays

Our lives have a different timing. Much as there’s a common time to do some things, there’s no law that supports that we should force things to happen. Our lives are different & it doesn’t soften things up when we try to live it according to how every other person lives theirs.

We cannot fail to admire others, it’s normal, but we can try to make peace with our souls that our time is yet to come & focus on getting there; focus on the things that bring out the best in us, be creative, learn new things & unlearn the irrelevant ones. Work on our mental & physical health, and socialize so that in case the breakthrough moment comes, you’re more than ready to climb the ladder.

Often times we mess up but we can obviously do a better cleaning up. Stay clear of people who’re digging up your irrelevant past because that was then but the time is now. You are better, different, and rebranded. We shouldn’t let our dark past weigh us down. God will reveal to us who, what, where we are to be if we take it upon ourselves to trust him. Trust the process, they say. He can’t just let you die off like that. Just be real, embrace your power, your decisions & mind & get a move on.

There are people, even if it’s one, that count on you to make their lives shine brighter. If you get to whining, cursing & lamenting, then you will make that soul that is believing in you lose focus.

Here’s the time to do your thing. Best believe if you’re working at getting better then you’re lit. You are it. Stay blessed fam. #Peace

2 thoughts on “Patience Pays

  1. Positive power at its best. I love this mantra – You are better, different, and rebranded.

    Great post, thank you, and the picture that support it is ethereal and magical, perfect.

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