How & Why Some Men Have Feared Women Emancipation, Oh, Plus Many Women Too.

Women emancipation has demanded that women be treated a certain way in a lot of things. Things that would put them on the same table as men, like; equal treatment of women in sports the same way as men teams, education equality, respect for their sexuality, workplace recognition, and salary scale equality. Something to do with breaking the glass ceiling. Some of these are even taught about in some schools (gender studies). That long ago, women weren’t allowed to eat certain foods like eggs but due to emancipation, they can now wolf down a whole chicken plus its unhatched babies (eggs). They can climb trees, you know, all that weird kinda stuff.

But now that the exposure came through education, the media, and all, they are politically & financially speaking up and the revolution looks scary because men aren’t ready yet to give up that spot since financial availability also comes with power & control. When women were running to the Bible to support their ‘women were meant to be given narrative, men too took that direction to shut up them women with that ‘man was created to provide & women were made to be caretakers from the Adam days’ talk. They are supposed to shut up and listen.  That there’s no seat at the table for them.

In this case, men would die to keep women behind doors. Some citing examples like; their ancestors stayed in ‘happy’ marriages because the women didn’t try too much. Here, I think, many of those women stayed because they had no choice of going elsewhere. They were broke, forced by the system and all, and the choice they only had was to stay at the man’s to cook, clean, make & raise babies. Even if they were subjected to so many marital horrors, they were expected to stay put. Oh, I can’t imagine the unspoken depression they went through. But, how could we know, they were never allowed to speak.

Men still want a woman who will follow the script. Many fear a woman calling the shots, that it destabilizes the power balance structure. An establishment (family) should not have two people on the same level of leadership. There has to be one taking orders from the other and that is the woman. That is why it’s rare to find a functioning relationship where the woman is richer than the man because usually, the one with lots of money is the one who calls the shots. She might as well expose his dumb head and that would be embarrassing.

But then somewhere it says that women’s brains mature faster than men’s. That’s why, I think, we men fear the intellectual power of women, especially those that fit in our age bracket & for that reason, we are expected to get women a bit way younger than us, ones we can control without expecting an uprising that would expose the dumbness in some of us. Something many call, ‘massaging our egos’. You may argue that you’re not dumb but I don’t think every decision you’ve made to this date has been brilliant.  

But, here is my question; If women were allowed to run the show, you know, especially at home, would society fail? Why do you think it would? Maybe a man not calling shots at home shrinks his penis size? No? Are women poor at leadership? Are you sure all men are brilliant at running things? If not, then, why do you think that they still should be allowed to call the shots? Do you think as a man, you’re more brilliant than all women in the world? Should I then think you’re a part of the most successful men in the world & all women come right after you? You’ll say the Bible says so, but it also condemns cheating practices in all forms but here you’re, chilling with a record of cheating somewhere in your past. How could you have allowed it to happen yet you can’t allow women to rule which is also condemned by the same Bible you violated but yet you still quote?

2 thoughts on “How & Why Some Men Have Feared Women Emancipation, Oh, Plus Many Women Too.

  1. I love what you’re doing in your house. Hope the other party is taking it positively. And about the message, sometimes we need to the message across in its raw form. Thank you for reading.


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