Because I usually come across a number of things, especially those that affect our daily social, emotional life, I usually get an opinion & I prefer to share it in written form. That is how I usually can best express myself for I am a shy guy when it comes to facing crowds. (I know many people who can dispute that though.  It’s called stage fright) & also some people think I know everything about life. Literally. I don’t blame them though but I don’t. Just like they don’t.

I love music. It’s a drug, food, travel (though I rarely do so for my pockets don’t want to hear such stories), love itself (intense), dance (I am one myself when the mood is right), music (EDM, soft rock & old school till about 2017 though I’ll never pick up the mic) Manchester United, Real Madrid & lately, Juventus (Have you noticed the pattern?).

I like listening to music (occasionally), watching movies & documentaries & will usually pull out something to write down what has tickled my mind. It could be a line in a song, movie or a piece of literature. I then need good music & or a good photo (Especially about landscape, the sea, stars. Pictures of people who aren’t really aware of the camera’s presence.) These help to bring out the deep emotions in me that put the right words in my mind to describe how I feel & thus end up writing something good. (The three emotions being; extreme anger, sadness & happiness.)

Because I am a person who can best express myself through writing, I draw my inspiration from many fields of life making me more of a versatile creative writer who isn’t bound to one topic as I have proven ability to write about love, education, events, intimacy, motivation & inspiration & much more in a rather laid back style. A light, none assertive style yet powerful enough to leave an impression on a reader’s mind.

I strive to mostly write about subjects that happen in our daily lives. Issues that affect how we live & perceive things. Stories of my personal experiences. Stories people tell me of their lives. Deep stuff. I turn them into my narrative. The third persona usually. Morgan Freeman style & then use them to preach to others that are facing similar situations. In an inspirational or correctional point of view. You can check me out here https://randomthoughtsofshadray.wordpress.com & https://medium.com/@kinenemarvin

My name is Kinene Marvin Netherneal aka Shadray, a high school thing that stuck. A former battle style dancer (The Ultimate Squad, The Refined Dancers & Team Break Out Uganda), something that didn’t quite go well with my old folks in the beginning because to them, a guy head spinning, twisting & doing all those B. Boy flips were thought to be under the influence of something illegal. Gosh, it took some time to get them to be okay with it but the day I appeared on a poster in the neighborhood & then got a TV gig for it is the day they surrendered. I mean, they were now living with a celebrity in the house, yo!) A former television presenter for (Urban TV, Life TV, Bukalango TV) marketing & media handler at Paple Rayn Fashion Uganda now settled at Greenhill Academy.

I am a believer that trust needs to be earned, judgment is easily given. I believe & advocate that people should love when they feel it is right, love only one, love jealously & genuinely, love without holding back & love given should be love returned otherwise, it is evil leading someone on if you are not going to love them. People should be considerate, patient & understanding & much as it’s important for people to love with their hearts, they should as well give power to their brains in the process of choosing a partner.

I hope to one day write for a magazine, website or newspaper & also through my works, become a great speaker & an inspiration to other writers, lovers, readers, the tired & nearly giving ups, the heartbroken & myself.

If I could get the opportunity of speaking my works to audiences, I will have made it in life.

Welcome to my world. It’s not that fancy, I am afraid, but it works for me. Find a seat please & make yourself comfortable. And try to be a lil quiet.