I Wish I Was Good Enough

So that I don’t have to experience the pain of having to realize that the person you love, that one who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with is not actually going to be the one to live through your life with. I wish I was good enough so that my hopes, … Continue reading I Wish I Was Good Enough

Blessings Of Loving A Broken One.

From collaborative words driven by Benjamin Watch & a feature of the beautiful Louisa...Imagine drinking from broken glass or eating from a broken plate, if it were to happen successfully then it would need a certain amount of care……………So long as she loves in her own way, and accepts to be loved at her own … Continue reading Blessings Of Loving A Broken One.

I Never Won That Race

I never loved you to hate you. God damn it I couldn’t hurt you because of the way I loved you. You were my number one. That’s undisputable. I’d written your name across my heart. Stuck you on like a tattoo. How do I even erase you now? Why should I? Do I have to? … Continue reading I Never Won That Race

Break Up Blues. Is It Always Their Fault?

When a break up occurs, usually, every one of the affected parties will play the victim card. Even the clearly guilty bustard will try to get people in their favor so that they’re not looked at with an evil eye for breaking the vows, promises & or anything the relationship stood for. However, a mistake … Continue reading Break Up Blues. Is It Always Their Fault?


I wish you spent real time with me so that you don't have to act like you were in it but clearly now I see you never felt me. You weren't in it. Romantic hypocrite. I gave you my heart, my love. Put my life on the line for you. For us. But clearly, you … Continue reading Betrayal