On Girls Hiding Pregnancy. My Thoughts Why.

She was all over social media, posting pictures of her everyday life. Every travel she had made and place she has been. Her wall was like a travelogue. Every new fashion she rocked. Her wall was like a fashion blog. Every restaurant she wined and dined from, her wall was like a hospitality site. Every … Continue reading On Girls Hiding Pregnancy. My Thoughts Why.

Me and Writing (The Beginning).

Writing is one of my hobbies that started in the early 2000’s with what was meant to be a song. However, a friend of mine read it and thought it was a great poem and thus decided to send it to a girl in the next class. The canes we were served thereafter were much … Continue reading Me and Writing (The Beginning).

Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.

Old age. A point in life where many people want to reach. If God only grants them that chance. It's however on another side, a life not so sweet. It is like living life on the death row. Every day that passes by is like coming closer to the day of mortality. The magnitude of … Continue reading Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.

Before The African Rain

Below the clear blue sky, the livestock roam about in the fields, the women chaffing, the litluns pace around aimlessly, the men under the shades and the sun's like burning to its last. Like it is angry at something that serious. But in at one corner of the sky, like a dark predator, the nimbus … Continue reading Before The African Rain

Childhood Bliss

  It is amazing how things happen. How at times things aren’t as clearly visible when one is younger but until one grows older could you see them, clearer. Indeed the old adage is true, “the older the wiser” or they should have put it, “the older the clearer.” So many times when you are … Continue reading Childhood Bliss