Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

By the time the emcee drops the mic, gets down on the floor and executes some killer dance moves then you definitely know things are on fire. With the crowd going gaga and swarming the stage with every move Jora Mc pulled, it was evident that the annual Break-Fast Jam finals that were held at … Continue reading Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

Of Ugandan Artists’ Concert Costumes

Atakogga, Atagenda, Atagejja. The one and only music doctor in Uganda. Dr. Jose Chameleon. One of the most phenomenal artists Uganda has ever had. Trust me, it is not easy to reign for over two decades in such an industry. He also has a beautiful wife and children and his whole male sibling’s line is … Continue reading Of Ugandan Artists’ Concert Costumes

VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Gender based violence is one of the worst but silent monsters plaguing the globe. From sexual, violent and psychological abuses, this vice is going on hardly abated through all cross sections and levels of society. The entertainment industry and social media haven’t helped lessen the situation either at all. This is partly due to the … Continue reading VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Rooted; Storm Riders Dance Crew Turns 10.

We've had a number of birthdays with different, crazy themes thrown around town on a regular. If they're not dressed in pink then they're popping balloons & what not. This time, away from the usual birthday hullaballoo we always see around, it was a twist in the game as hyped gospel lovers met at the … Continue reading Rooted; Storm Riders Dance Crew Turns 10.

Nuflash Teens Achievers Awards Nominations, 2019

  It was mostly about the competitive voices, dance and comedy at the just concluded Nuflash Teens Achievers Awards nomination day at Sharing Hall Nsambya on Friday September 6th 2019 as youths from different schools in and around Kampala turned up to show to the judges and their fans what they got. If you had … Continue reading Nuflash Teens Achievers Awards Nominations, 2019