To The Woman Who Mothered A Kingdom.

Aunt Harriet (RIP) Is it possible to lose a parent in parts? If it is then I just did. It’s part one. (June 14, 2021) I was born to a young couple that barely had any idea of parenting. When things got heated for them, they ‘left’ me at my paternal grandmother’s home. A housewife … Continue reading To The Woman Who Mothered A Kingdom.

Pandemic Relationship

I want to fall in love in this corona period. I know it will be a bit weird. Awkward at best to kindle love when the world is crushing around us but if that is the only thing left for me to do then I’d love it to happen. I want to fall in love … Continue reading Pandemic Relationship

On Stealing A Partner; Who To Go For.

On the news and or media we have all heard or kept seeing/hearing people fighting, killing and or arresting others on grounds that they stole/ dated/ wooed their partners away. Whatever you may want to call it. That slowly by slowly, they saw the people they once held dear in their hearts and who had … Continue reading On Stealing A Partner; Who To Go For.

VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Gender based violence is one of the worst but silent monsters plaguing the globe. From sexual, violent and psychological abuses, this vice is going on hardly abated through all cross sections and levels of society. The entertainment industry and social media haven’t helped lessen the situation either at all. This is partly due to the … Continue reading VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.

Old age. A point in life where many people want to reach. If God only grants them that chance. It's however on another side, a life not so sweet. It is like living life on the death row. Every day that passes by is like coming closer to the day of mortality. The magnitude of … Continue reading Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.