Shadray On Reviewing Movies & Series

My favourite pass time, for a mostly indoor person like me is watching movies. It’s one thing I look forward to everyday from work. Every night before bed time, I either watch a movie or an episode of a series. This helped me a lot in growing my creative writing abilities. How? Because, as someone … Continue reading Shadray On Reviewing Movies & Series

Day 17 Of #Winterabc2021. Of Catching Foreign Accents & Blending In.

Back in the day in our slippery when wet city of Kampala, I used to hustle with a brother. Those days when the hustle got so real your whole outlook showed. When people would pass you off for a decent street beggar. When we would regret why we did not listen to those who told … Continue reading Day 17 Of #Winterabc2021. Of Catching Foreign Accents & Blending In.

Personal Relationships & The Public

internet image They have always advised that it is more better we keep our intimate relationships away from the public (These days, social media) because truth be told, not everyone is going to be happy about you too together and in the event that it hits some snags, there are some that are going to … Continue reading Personal Relationships & The Public

Live Within Your Means

Internet image So, here’s the thing. You can’t be living the lit life on social media. Attending the craziest events & hanging out at the poshest joints & you expect people to think you’re broke? Why should they? It’s visually obvious you’re sending out the message that you made it in life. I mean, you’re attending … Continue reading Live Within Your Means

Day 1 #AugustRush Blogging Challenge. My Favorite Blogging Moment.

Well, finally, another blogging challenge is here and this time it's from right here in our backyard by our very own Ugandan initiative, Uganda Blogging Community ugbloc_uganda. This should be exciting already. It’s a great blogging moment too that Ugandan bloggers are also starting to get us engaged. However, let me look back to I … Continue reading Day 1 #AugustRush Blogging Challenge. My Favorite Blogging Moment.