The Major Aspects Making A Relationship; (pt. 3) Religion.

Welcome to yet another part of; the major aspects making relationships. Key issues that if ignored by a couple, then they’re bound to fail. The first one I did was about ideologies, opinions, and decisions making. That the difference in a couple's ideological makeup can destabilize the whole structure. Then I went about the money … Continue reading The Major Aspects Making A Relationship; (pt. 3) Religion.

Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

The year of our Lord, 2021 ends tonight. Probably the worst year I’ve ever livedthrough, yet but stull, the Lord has not forsaken me. Isn’t He wonderful?For starters, I work in a very troubled sector (education) and so we have sufferedthe longest closure. Whereas so many schools fell out of business (somecompletely) I was contracted … Continue reading Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

Understanding How Prayers Work (Shadray & Connie Dia Collab)

So. Something happened to me that got me really mad, I was left asking myself whether the person who had done it will still go before God & pray for blessings & if God will actually answer them positively. In the heat of my anger, I wrote the piece below... before someone else read it … Continue reading Understanding How Prayers Work (Shadray & Connie Dia Collab)

Why The Current Loss Of Empathy

A prominent Ugandan politician, affiliated to the ruling party (NRM) that has held power for the last 30 something years in a country whose economic, social & education situation are going more south than Manchester United lost a pair of cute boy twins when they drowned in his swimming pool. Sad.As usual, social media reacted … Continue reading Why The Current Loss Of Empathy

Shadray’s Top 5 Life Hacks

In life, everyone is trying out the next, nearest or easiest thing to make it through. Some go legit and others are living by the “fake it till you make it” code. As long as they get to their goals. But on your way in trying to get there, there are a number of factors … Continue reading Shadray’s Top 5 Life Hacks