Patience Pays

Our lives have a different timing. Much as there’s a common time to do some things, there’s no law that supports that we should force things to happen. Our lives are different & it doesn’t soften things up when we try to live it according to how every other person lives theirs. We cannot fail … Continue reading Patience Pays

The Most Influential Ugandan Rappers In Serial Order. (My Opinion)

The Uganda rap music scene has for a long time been one without much controversy especially when it was in the 90’s largely because people paid least attention to it. For a continent known for its vibrant dances and music, rap music especially from the natives has always tried hard to come through. However, as … Continue reading The Most Influential Ugandan Rappers In Serial Order. (My Opinion)

Fragile Is Love

Sometimes if not most times, love is like rough terrain. It is rugged, full of humps and ditches or a road with steep & sharp corners, so tight they should be called blind spots. Don’t forget the red flags. If love is the sea, it is rough with waves, some so huge, they are tsunamis. … Continue reading Fragile Is Love

Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

The year of our Lord, 2021 ends tonight. Probably the worst year I’ve ever livedthrough, yet but stull, the Lord has not forsaken me. Isn’t He wonderful?For starters, I work in a very troubled sector (education) and so we have sufferedthe longest closure. Whereas so many schools fell out of business (somecompletely) I was contracted … Continue reading Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

Understanding How Prayers Work (Shadray & Connie Dia Collab)

So. Something happened to me that got me really mad, I was left asking myself whether the person who had done it will still go before God & pray for blessings & if God will actually answer them positively. In the heat of my anger, I wrote the piece below... before someone else read it … Continue reading Understanding How Prayers Work (Shadray & Connie Dia Collab)