The Perfect Wedding

In a packed but quiet church, the guests all sat looking immaculately spick and span. The groom stood facing the altar on which stood the clergy, eagerly waiting to join the two love birds to eternity. Matrimony. As the organist played the piano, it felt like the heavens were going to come down today. It … Continue reading The Perfect Wedding

VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Gender based violence is one of the worst but silent monsters plaguing the globe. From sexual, violent and psychological abuses, this vice is going on hardly abated through all cross sections and levels of society. The entertainment industry and social media haven’t helped lessen the situation either at all. This is partly due to the … Continue reading VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

African Writers’ Reception With Novelist, Okey Ndibe

He said to me, "There's been a bank robbery and you fit the description." Imagine the magnitude of those words as told to a person who has just spent just two weeks in America for the first time. By none other than a cop. Now that's a glimpse into the confusion and shock Okey Ndibe … Continue reading African Writers’ Reception With Novelist, Okey Ndibe