Of Bad Dates; The Mobile Phone

An cartoon image of a girl who is being rude to her date by being obsessed with taking selfies. Dates are supposed to be amazing times usually spent with someone of importance to you (that’s why they’re commonly held by lovers or those with the prospect of becoming one) I hold this view because I … Continue reading Of Bad Dates; The Mobile Phone

A Heart Break Mambo Jambo.

You only fall when you stood or been flying. For as memories are made from a life once lived, a heart can only be broken if it's been loved before. Genuinely.  Some people aren't permanent. At least they should come with warning tags. But then love makes us blind and we ignore the red flags. … Continue reading A Heart Break Mambo Jambo.

Top Current Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Love is sweet. Love is precious & if you treat it well, with the right kind of partner, everything about you will definitely show that something about you is going on well. However, much as it has remained elusive to so many people, some have had the opportunity to have it but yet ending up … Continue reading Top Current Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

The Red Flags To Flag Down

Google image Sometimes it’s actually in the views our partner has towards love, life & the dynamics of a relationship in general & to save yourself from such blues, lookout for some of these signs about your partner & just as well, before you go any further with a relationship, have you weighed its pros … Continue reading The Red Flags To Flag Down