The Other Man

In the dead of the night, she twisted & turned until she woke up in a startle. Feeling hot & sweating with a feeling of uncertainty.  She looked at her companion sleeping next to her. She could only make out his outline in the dark, but the only thing she was sure of was that … Continue reading The Other Man

Day 21 winterabc2021. Love. The Feeling That Killed Him!

Google image Finally closing off this year's Afrobloggers winterabc2021 with a fictitious story inspired by true events. It's been a wonderful but challenging ride discovering wonderful writers, learning from so many people, and enjoying my time all the while. As I bow out today, I am leaving you a story of how I felt when … Continue reading Day 21 winterabc2021. Love. The Feeling That Killed Him!

In The Rain, She Left.

The rain beat relentlessly on the roof of their small house. A few flashes of lightning. The winds howled lowly. The trees stood still gloomily in the dark, bathed by the moonlight. Dead night. The room was a mess. Sheets lay crumpled on their bed, pillows laying lifeless on the cold floor. He sat in one corner … Continue reading In The Rain, She Left.

I Wish I Was Good Enough

So that I don’t have to experience the pain of having to realize that the person you love, that one who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with is not actually going to be the one to live through your life with. I wish I was good enough so that my hopes, … Continue reading I Wish I Was Good Enough

Blessings Of Loving A Broken One.

From collaborative words driven by Benjamin Watch & a feature of the beautiful Louisa...Imagine drinking from broken glass or eating from a broken plate, if it were to happen successfully then it would need a certain amount of care……………So long as she loves in her own way, and accepts to be loved at her own … Continue reading Blessings Of Loving A Broken One.