Don’t Lose Your Creative Muse.

Woman sitting under a pine tree reading and writing looking out at a beautiful natural view I used to write consistently. Lately, I am just sketching awkward memes & causing social media havoc, some call me ‘Mr. Violence’. I used to write good stuff if I may boast of it & going by the comments … Continue reading Don’t Lose Your Creative Muse.

Day Three of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021. A Dented Dream.

Every end of a year has people setting up goals and plans for what the next year should be and once the new year pulls up, things are set in motion. that was not any different with how I looked at 202o. However, life had other things on its bucket list, the damned COVID-19. I … Continue reading Day Three of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021. A Dented Dream.

Happy 4th Anniversary To My Site

In July 2020, my site made 100 followers so by 2021, I wanted to make 150. When 2021 came, I'd already hit the 200th mark. All the way up. For that I am thrilled. The gradual growth always keeps me driving forward.  2017 stats Apart from the growth above, my site made 4 years this … Continue reading Happy 4th Anniversary To My Site

Me and Writing (The Genesis).

2021, looked at it it as the rebirth from all the mayhem of 2020. In Uganda, most parts ushered it in with a heavy downpour just at the stroke of midnight and we signified it as a start of a new beginning. Here on my site, I'll start with a story on how I began … Continue reading Me and Writing (The Genesis).

Embrace Your Jealousy

Believe it or not, we're naturally wired to feel a bit of jealousy in the face of some other people's glory. Unless of course if you’ve already reached that cosmic religious realm where your feelings are not of the world. But back to normal humans, like in a case where your peer is doing something … Continue reading Embrace Your Jealousy