Welcome To Shadray’s Creative Thoughts.

There is no rule as to how and what we should think.

It is only rare that people get to share what awkward stuffs their minds get to think about and so I decided to step out of that box and bring to you here my random thoughts.

Just like in movies, how people are looking for a super hero to believe in & so is real life. Almost everyone is looking for someone to believe in. For something. An inspiration. For a reason to keep moving. To keep focused. To have faith.

People are going through a lot & so probably is you.

But then, as you’re thinking about yourself, have you realized that you as well can be that person to motivate others? To inspire others to be great? You don’t need a superhero cap or fancy gadgets.

Your life, simple as it is can be someone’s inspiration. Motivation. The words you speak, the vibe you give, the respect you accord others, your outlook, the words that come out of you. The life you live. The music you produce and the creative pieces; may not only be all that which someone needs to make it through the next moments of their life but an avenue for more of God’s blessings.

Keep creating, you may save a life.

Welcome to my random creations, once again.

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Throw back to when I used to run the media streets.


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My Motivation

I aspire to make people fall in love with being in the right kind of love, appreciate relationships, life and the beauty that comes with all of it. All of this through my creative pieces.

I have struggled with love at a number of points in my life especially due to issues I had less control over and yet still not lost hope.

Other people should also have this hope but that comes with them dating people who also hold value for this life, love, and others’ feelings.

I aspire to live an exemplary life of; Care, Affection, and Respect, the very words I use to describe love. A life where I can afford to take care of not only me but also the people around me the best way I can. We may not be in a position to make everyone happy but we can try.

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The World Cup & The French Question. (Whom Should One Play For & Why.)

Well, when Qatar promised to deliver the World Cup of a lifetime, many were skeptical about its desert conditions & its treatment of migrant workers, prohibition of alcohol in stadiums as well as a clamp on the LGBTQ movement. Many people tried to protest against the last two & it makes me wonder why people…

The Major Aspects Making A Relationship; (pt. 5) The Vibe.

Concluding what I call The Five Major Aspects That Make Relationships work, carrying on from last year, I would like to end with the Vibe. I think this is one that holds everything else together. We’re all built differently. Everyone has different energy levels especially when it comes to dealing with other people & it…

The Major Aspects Making A Relationship;(pt. 4) Sex.

Sex is one of the most controversial subjects these days. A lot of caution has to be taken about it otherwise one would end up on the wrong side of the law… & poverty as endorsements, jobs & social respect can be taken away in just a second once news about your sexual behavior turns…


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Here is my favorite movie, 2021, so far. It’s called The Sun Is Also A Star.

Here’s my fav song 2020. Everything I Need (Lyric Video) – Skylar Grey |Aquaman Official Soundtrack. The lyrics and the beat just set me in a whole different mood.

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