My name is Kinene Marvin Netherneal. I am an entertainment personnel. I think so much out of the box and usually get up started at the last minute which makes me a better perfectionist.

I love humor and love being around humorous people though I am an introvert at first meet but trust me when I get used to you, we may end up being stupid till the next day.

But on a serious note, Everyone in this world is in need of a hero. Someone, something that keeps them moving and here, on this site is a guy that will offer you that.

There are so many things that happen in our lives that make life to sometimes just get too random. And I am here to share it.

From the spheres of love, entertainment, money, power, education & beyond. It’s all here.

Read and go live.

I love music, food, travel (though I rarely do so), love itself (intense), sex (mehn), dance (I am one myself, when the mood is right), music (EDM and old school till about 2017 though I’ll never pick up the mic) and it is all these things that I love to write about.

Because I usually come across a number of things, especially those that affect our daily social, emotional life, I usually get an opinion. And I prefer to share it. In written (typed) words. That is how I usually can best express myself for I am a shy guy when it comes to facing crowds. I know many people who can dispute that though. And also some people think I know everything about life. Literally. I don’t blame them though but I don’t. Just like they don’t.

Many of these words I put up are from the stories people tell me. Stories of their lives. Deep stuff. I turn them into my narrative. Third persona usually. Morgan Freeman style. And then use them to preach to others that are facing similar situations. In an inspirational or correctional point of view.

I like listening (occasionally) and watching and will usually pull out something to write down what has tickled my mind. A line in a song, movie, book. I then need good music and or a good photo that brings out the deep emotions in me to write something good. Images especially about landscape, the sea, stars. Abstract paintings.

My name is Kinene Marvin Netherneal. Shadray is a high school thing that stuck. The Ultimate Squad. A former dancer, television presenter (Urban TV, Life TV, Bukalango TV) marketing and media handler at Paple Rayn Fashion Uganda now settled at Greenhill Academy.

I hope that one day I get a media outlet where I could publish my works. It could be a newspaper, magazine, a website or an online magazine because judging from the reactions of some of the people who read my posts on social media and the way they have been urging me to go mainstream, I believe I will be in an even better position to entertainingly yet positively deliver to an eager audience. If I could get the opportunity of speaking my works to audiences, I will have made it in life.

Welcome to my world. It’s not that fancy, I am afraid but it works for me. Find a seat and make yourself comfortable. And try to be a lil quiet.

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