We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We should learn to forgive. Forgetting may be hard but at least forgiving may be lenient thus we can try. Some people may repeatedly hurt us, do things that push against the wall or fail to change their ways for the better but we can try to forgive them. We can try to be that … Continue reading We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We Ain’t No More!

You don't deserve my love, for you don't deserve my heart. Because that's where my love comes. A very sacred place. You played with my feelings. My feelings you turned into your play park. When I had gotten so excited & put my feelings in it. Into us. We. Hoping for the best of what … Continue reading We Ain’t No More!

Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

By the time the emcee drops the mic, gets down on the floor and executes some killer dance moves then you definitely know things are on fire. With the crowd going gaga and swarming the stage with every move Jora Mc pulled, it was evident that the annual Break-Fast Jam finals that were held at … Continue reading Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

Skillz East Africa “Global Stance Workshops” 2019

The Skillz East Africa 2019 dubbed "Global Stance Workshops" is a nonprofit initiative organized as part of the Skillz East Africa program attracting over 35 youths and artists from different regions engaging them in social enterprise, leadership development, artistic development and business development participatory sessions and dialogues tailored to equip the participating artistes with skills … Continue reading Skillz East Africa “Global Stance Workshops” 2019

Fete De La Musique, 2019

What started as a cloudy evening with threats of rain didn’t stop revelers from turning up at the National Theater upper gardens to celebrate music at the Fete De La Musique organized by Alliance Francaise Kampala as they celebrated 30 years of existence. It was time to jam, party and catch up on the weekend … Continue reading Fete De La Musique, 2019