‘To Send Her Transport Or Not?’. That Is The Question.

In a basic setting, prostitution is when someone offers sex for something else in return, usually money. Love & emotions are rarely involved. Some societies even call them escorts though the latter are more advanced & professional in the act. We’ve been hit recently, by a social media debate about something that has been going … Continue reading ‘To Send Her Transport Or Not?’. That Is The Question.

The Baby I Never Had

Oh sweetheart. God bless its heart. The sweet angel that never was. The baby I never had. A Hercules of a son; athletic, talented, Intelligent. Super handsome. Put in a pinch of a lil bit crazy. Minion. Some mother & father looks, a beautiful boy. A son of moral Christian reasoning. Well, his name would … Continue reading The Baby I Never Had

Stop Falsely Leading People On

It's evil lying to someone that you love them when you don't. You’re tying them down. Limiting their chances of being with someone who would actually deserve their love. And give them as great a love in return. Fake love is hard to hide as eventually the truth suffices & you don't know how terrible … Continue reading Stop Falsely Leading People On

Dear June…

It's been 3 months since tragedy struck. You're now the fourth month since I confirmed the lose of my love aces. Since I loved this girl so deeply, but despite it all she still kept tabs on her ex while she gave me kisses. It's messed up my senses. I am depressed, I admit it. … Continue reading Dear June…

My Heart…….Lived To Love You.

My heart was always in one piece when it had you. It’s now pieces when it lost you. It always felt safer whenever you held it. My life was always comfortable when you had it. When I used to lay down on you, with you or besides you, tired and burnt out. Having some small … Continue reading My Heart…….Lived To Love You.