I Am 100

For someone in the creative industry, getting traffic on your site is a daily prayer. You walk into a new day hoping there’s a view, like, share or comment. A follow is priceless. For the time I have been on WordPress, I have finally made a 100 followers & registered more than 500 likes. Thank … Continue reading I Am 100

Pandemic Relationship

I want to fall in love in this corona period. I know it will be a bit weird. Awkward at best to kindle love when the world is crushing around us but if that is the only thing left for me to do then I’d love it to happen. I want to fall in love … Continue reading Pandemic Relationship

Ugandans & Their Education System. Whose Fault Is It?

I've seen many of y'all making noise of how terrible our education system is. I am not here to defend of how good it is but still I am here to disagree to some degree with you. Yes the prairies, mitochondria & stuff are now at our age most probably very irrelevant to have been … Continue reading Ugandans & Their Education System. Whose Fault Is It?

Ugandan Artists Vs International Acts

Sometime back, in the ever happening capital of East Africa, Kampala, there was an uproar by some local artists against KCCA, the body governing the capital, after it emerged that KCCA had paid about 165 million to Diamond Platnumz, a top Tanzanian artist for the now defunct KCCA festival. 165 million of the tax payers’ … Continue reading Ugandan Artists Vs International Acts

He’s Always There!

For at some moments when we seem to be champions at what we've been weaving. The plans we've been executing. The hopes we've been holding, seeds we’ve been sowing, Misfortunes may befall us & all will seem hopeless & us, helpless. But unseen before and among us, deeply rooted like a fortress, a soft spot … Continue reading He’s Always There!