Day 20 Winterabc2021. Baby Steps. The First.

I am not that guy for story telling once I realized I’ve had two stories sitting in my drafts folder for about two years now. Damn. But now Afrobloggers is here. 🤦🏾‍♂️

It’s 8:14 p.m. He’s just getting home. The streets are cold. It had drizzled. He’d braved an agonizing traffic that usually forms after. He goes up the steps to his home. Pretty bummed & looking like a suited up zombie. Lazily knocks at the door & follows it with the usual abracadabra “It’s Tut.”

The door is opened at a lightning speed. She nearly walks through him with hugs & kisses as he’s hastily led to the living room. The baby is seated on the fur carpet in the center of the well disorganized room. “It’s like there’s been a clothes’ fight in here.” He exclaims.

She tells him to just be normal & wait to be wowed. Oh. He thinks she’s going to say the baby belongs to the athletic guy who lives three blocks down the street. She responds to his sarcastic remark with a jolly “Stop being silly” remark.
They’re being themselves. It’s what lovers should be like.

As he’s there trying to liven up the moment the more, the baby does it. No. He didn’t see it. Or so he thinks. “Did I just see something unusual?” She stares with him towards the cute little thing that’s equally staring back at them with equal surprise. He turns to his Nankanmun to ask her again. It’s like he’s seen a mutant or something like that.

He then pretends he ain’t seen nothing. Just to tempt to see whether something will happen again. The baby calls out to him. “Dada.” A slow drool drops down her left chin. The minion doll falls out of her hands. She stretches to grab it while complaining the best way she can in her baby language. If only we knew exactly what the gibberish words mean. We’re always guessing. The mom is looking unusually cheerful at this moment.

Just as he bends to go pick it up for her, evidently confused by the unusual behavior in the house tonight, the baby puts both hands on the nearby chair leg, heaves up in a chameleon manner & then boom, she’s off the ground & is now
standing before her dad (& already seen but still as equally surprised mom) on both feet.

You should see how her mother screamed at the moment. I won’t tell you how the daddy screamed but damn, Kia was on her feet. This time in front of both her parents…as she put her right foot forward.

It Must Have Been Love

It Must Have Been Love…When I saw you first & sought you out.
When I knew your flaws & ignored them. Never used them against you. For I was looking at the bigger picture. Of course, that’s of me & you.
I’d looked into my future & placed you there. For what is eternal love if I only wanted to live it for that moment? I saw you in my lifetime. For that is love if I can keep it for a life time.

It must have been love. When I kissed your lips & let myself drown in your
romance. Damn. How my heart sank with emotion for how I longed to be swept away with romance, to hear those words. Their depth. Their meaning. The faith they spring. A beacon of hope. Their sincerity. Their effect on a heart that’s longing to be loved. Mine.

It must have been love when I defended your mistakes. How I gave allowance to time thinking you’d change. A hope to things going back to how they post to be. I thought your errors were to be corrected & as blind as they say love is, my eyes failed to see the end of things till it was too late & now what I thought was true love is over. Roxette.

Blessings Of Loving A Broken One.

From collaborative words driven by Benjamin Watch & a feature of the beautiful Louisa…Imagine drinking from broken glass or eating from a broken plate, if it were to happen successfully then it would need a certain amount of care……………So long as she loves in her own way, and accepts to be loved at her own pace of a broken soul I don’t care if she doesn’t want an official marriage or even the prospect of kids, I am fine with her. Broken things are not for an imperfect man to fix. Love can fit and come out from any sort of crack. We are all broken in some form.

If you have been to Benjamin WATCH Blog before you can figure out which exact blog post the words or portion I and my two friends are building on. No, I will not be providing the link to the piece. When I put out a tweet asking for someone to work with on this post, Louisa from Malawi and ‘I Marvin’ from Uganda honored the call. So here we go on the positives for loving broken souls.

“We are all broken”, they say in some aspect. But that is more of a coating that can come off as an insult to someone who has really been broken by the past. The world is an ugly place that anything can break people, from careers to romantic love to family backgrounds. Imagine telling a lady or gentleman who was sexually assaulted in the past by those they loved that we are all broken. It would be cold of you. Broken people are seen to be unsteady and unreliable especially when it comes to relationships in their lives. Being in their lives seems draining and it really is but it can have a side to it, and it does.

Broken people live in pieces and bits that may never come together again but that is one of their many refinements. They can effortlessly share themselves with you if you try so hard to get close to them. The fact that they give love a chance after going through whatever broke them is a testament that they have enormous love deep in them, it is as though they don’t fear love. They sometimes “over-over” since their care for those that take interest in their flaws is beyond normal.

Broken people are the nicest beings at living in the moment and they make the moment wonderful since they know they are volcanoes with not much time. The way they love if they are to is special, they love the heaviest and are precious at it. They can be sunshine on a rainy day. Broken people know what it means to love since they have been hurt in the past.

If you want to feel like or even be a superhero, love a broken soul, the adventure of handling a time bomb in a person can be a thrill. An extreme sport of a kind. They will bring out the best in us because we are careful not to incite the demon in them. Sometimes it’s beautiful to when you wait on a broken soul to start loving you back because they take forever to.

The most important thing you need is Patience. Patience is what makes you understand them, and gives you hope that they will come around. Most will have the Wall of China built around their heart, to protect them from the evil outside. Instead of acting like a tourist, be a wall guard. Be there to guard their hearts just like they do it.

See, there is something beautiful in broken. The most beautiful of vases are those that broke and the pieces were glued back together. A tale of hope and restoration, a desire to hold on. Like glue. The scars show strength to hold it together. And though they will push you back, and make it seem like you are the reason they are broken; know that deep inside, they are fighting with themselves over the emotions they feel. The desire to be free from the broken past and a taste of freedom to give love and be loved back in equal or even more measures. To be able to live life and create new memories with someone that won’t mind the scars on them but sees the special in them all over again. A silver lining on the horizon.

It’s your role to show them this positivity and to assure them that all will be well. Be their knight in shining armor that they been waiting for. To the last drop be there, be patient, be loving.

Louisa is a Malawian poet, art lover & blogger. You can Follow her journey, thoughts and craziness through her blog posts.
Find her work here

Benjamin is from Uganda & he’s constantly ‘Questioning the question.’ A very spirited promoter of creative creators across this rock we inhabit called Africa. He’s intuitive work can be found here

I must admit I was excited to do a writing collab this year & this opportunity was totally amazing. Please do check out the links provided for these people have amazing works that will keep you thirsting for more.

God’s Supply & Satan’s Bait (You rush you crush)

She picked the window seat, sat at her table & went through her social media. Up & down she scrolled. A video picked her mind so she inserted her earphones, pressed play & giggled at it. She scrolled on but then got stuck somewhere. A picture of someone she knew from her high school days was on the timeline. The girl in the picture had given birth. She remembered last year that this same girl had wed & in between the months, she had held a blue baby shower. It was a boy. They were beautiful pictures.  She looked at her watch & back to the pictures. She pressed love on the reaction & sent a “Wow, congrats” comment.

However, deep inside, her heart had sunk but in just about a few minutes, her man showed up & the date went on well. But for someone who knows their partner well, he noticed that something was amiss. Later in the night when the lights were out & they lay there listening to each other’s stories, she turned in his arms, faced him & told him about her former high school friend with the conclusive statement being the question, “When are you marrying me? Or maybe, when are you making me pregnant?”

The guy, an always calculative person, thought through a number of issues before giving the answer. He thought of their finances (most importantly), whether they would be enough to sustain the pregnancy & the baby that would be coming in, he thought of the jobs status they were holding & chances of growth. He for one was not the type who made most decisions basing on societal expectations or peer pressure but mainly basing on his capacity to sustain or have peace from what he has done. This was mainly coming from his growth point of view & so many others he had growing up seeing…. his background, friends’ mistakes… so basing on that, he told his girl that they should make plans for the next year. Hopefully, the tides of their lives would have turned for the better.

As the days of their lives went on, she felt like everything was dragging. She felt that she was growing old & some of her friends were having kids already. At the young age of 26, she felt she was aging to look any better in a wedding gown & all this pressure was piled on to the guy too because it made him look like he was failing not only the relationship but the girl too & comparisons are some of the biggest breaks to a relationship. It was a terrible moment.

And trust the devil in knowing when the times are bad. Some other goon came into their picture. He came promising all that the girl was wishing for at that time. (Remember Eve & the serpent?) A baby & a wedding & then one evening as they were seated having a couple moment, she dropped the bomb on him that she was moving on to something better & a few days later, the relationship was done & in spite of the red flags about where she was headed to, she had made up her mind to brave the storm flying blind & a few years down the road, their new relationship was what Trump calls a ‘shit hole’.

Many people tend to forget that desperation usually breeds impatience & impatience will breed the need to make sudden decisions & actions which behaviors will breed usually, irreversible consequences. This comes from the failure for one to differentiate between God’s supply & Satan’s bait. They tend to feel like everything is dragging. Like the relationship they’re in, the job, the business & through all that drama, Satan comes up with a quick fix that looks beautiful (Remember what the serpent said to Eve?) Something that looks like what you have been waiting for. And then you’ll jump for it, instead ending up in an even worse situation than you were in before.

Why does this usually happen? It’s because in such situations, desperation blindfolds many people from thinking through the things they’re getting into thus failing to use their minds to make logical, sound judgments.

They may be blinded by greed, jealousy, desperation itself, excitement among others. People also would try to use God to get where they want to get & once that is got then God is left there. Abandoned. But when you are satisfied in God in spite of your problem, He takes interest in your issues & makes them come to pass.

Call On Me

Call on me when your heart is broken, I’ll mend it without a damn. No cost taken. I’ll make you believe in love again. I promise to make you fly. I’ll be waiting right from the start. Even if at dawn, you will still find my home & welcome, you will feel so warm.

Call on me, I’ll have my chest for you to hug, my heart to accommodate you. My shoulder for you to drench your tears, my arms, strong & sturdy to hold you tight & your tears I will wash away with showers of endless love & care & just once more, you will smile again. I promise you that.

Call on me because so many times, I think about you. Everyday. I think about your lips & long to kiss you. Instantly to hold you. Your voice, the sweetest melody. I wanna hear you again. When I think about those moments when I have you, when I had you. I wanna hug you. I wish to, that I can rewind it over again. Don’t you want to step into it with me? How couldn’t you? Why?

Call on me because I miss you as you’re not here, let’s not even argue about it. I want to dance with you under the sky, the stars, stare in twinkleness as the angels in heaven bare to us witness. Your love to me is a weakness. I can’t rest. Call me restless if I am not with you. You have me in some sort of a love trance. Stuck on replay.

Call on me & I will do the 1000 miles to pick you up without a grudge. I am ready to let you in & show you all that you missed then maybe one day……we will only kiss to the merriment & bliss of our union. A perfect toast.