Of Slay Queens & Relationships

  We have seen them and up until recently thrown shade at them. Either along the way, hanging out in swanky places or on our social medias. The ones with amorous pictures captioned with bible quotes or pictures with whole flower gardens on their heads. These are called slay queens. What they are slaying has … Continue reading Of Slay Queens & Relationships

Getting Hot (Part Two)

Together, just the two of them. Soft slow music humming in the background or it's Jay Z's ‘Forever Young’ music, "let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while, heaven can wait, we only watching the sky"... So the lyrics go. The lights are out but maybe just a candle, as she stands in front … Continue reading Getting Hot (Part Two)


Shit! Take off your dress, undress. Bend down and touch your toes, drop it, pick it up and make it bounce. Twerk it, bounce it or whatever am ready. Get on it. Up and down baby. Gimme the hydraulics. Pull up your dress, unlace the laces, drop your panties, take off the bra and climb … Continue reading Coitus

Booty 101

A bevy of pretty dames washes into the room. Vup on point, swag is lit & phones are dope & everyone gets looking obviously. It's called stealing the show. But amongst them, tapping into some guy's jazz, is one who's taken the bigger part of the show. For she seems to be much more endowed … Continue reading Booty 101