‘To Send Her Transport Or Not?’. That Is The Question.

In a basic setting, prostitution is when someone offers sex for something else in return, usually money. Love & emotions are rarely involved. Some societies even call them escorts though the latter are more advanced & professional in the act. We’ve been hit recently, by a social media debate about something that has been going … Continue reading ‘To Send Her Transport Or Not?’. That Is The Question.

The Realist of Your Relationship

Being in love is one thing. You can exchange gifts, hangout, text, smash, post about each other and call at any time but the realist of your relationship is when things start going down south and life shifts from being that soft, bed of roses to a world war of hearts. When people start intruding … Continue reading The Realist of Your Relationship

The Baby I Never Had

Oh sweetheart. God bless its heart. The sweet angel that never was. The baby I never had. A Hercules of a son; athletic, talented, Intelligent. Super handsome. Put in a pinch of a lil bit crazy. Minion. Some mother & father looks, a beautiful boy. A son of moral Christian reasoning. Well, his name would … Continue reading The Baby I Never Had

On Stealing A Partner; Who To Go For.

On the news and or media we have all heard or kept seeing/hearing people fighting, killing and or arresting others on grounds that they stole/ dated/ wooed their partners away. Whatever you may want to call it. That slowly by slowly, they saw the people they once held dear in their hearts and who had … Continue reading On Stealing A Partner; Who To Go For.

I Want To Go On A Date.

I want to go on a date. With someone incredible. Not the hulk. Nedda. Someone with whom we can laugh. No, wait. Where we can eat. Plus laugh. Yes, eat and laugh so hard we choke on our laughter. Where we're both morons in perfect comfort with each other. Going geeky and cheeky. Lose ourselves … Continue reading I Want To Go On A Date.