Memories And Break Ups

There will never be any one that will ever love a break up. Rare moments if you do especially if it is so well deserved. It is something that we can never be used to. Sometimes even the person that breaks us up also gets engulfed in the break up blues. It could be that … Continue reading Memories And Break Ups

Falling in love. The Evolution.

Falling in love has changed evolutionarily. Biblically, it started from when God created man a woman and since they were only two roaming the only garden in the universe, it was just inevitable. God was the middle man as well. Very inevitable. Not to mention that the woman actually came from the rib of man. … Continue reading Falling in love. The Evolution.

Love. The Feeling That Killed Him!

Like a defeated lion, like a stalking shadow, he walked on the dimly lit streets. His head hunched into the upturned collar of the coat that donned him. He was not like its owner. It is like it wore him. Dr. Strange. He bent forward and forged his way into the wind that was blowing … Continue reading Love. The Feeling That Killed Him!

No Or Not, What Exactly Do Ladies Mean?

Down in Africa, East Africa is the region, the country is Uganda, some unlucky chap got himself into hot soup for stalking a pretty beautiful woman member of parliament. (If you see her, you wouldn’t blame him that much) Talk about shooting your shot out of your league. A David vs. Goliath kind of war. … Continue reading No Or Not, What Exactly Do Ladies Mean?