Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

The year of our Lord, 2021 ends tonight. Probably the worst year I’ve ever livedthrough, yet but stull, the Lord has not forsaken me. Isn’t He wonderful?For starters, I work in a very troubled sector (education) and so we have sufferedthe longest closure. Whereas so many schools fell out of business (somecompletely) I was contracted … Continue reading Dear 2021, 2022 Is Here.

He’s Always There!

For at some moments when we seem to be champions at what we've been weaving. The plans we've been executing. The hopes we've been holding, seeds we’ve been sowing, Misfortunes may befall us & all will seem hopeless & us, helpless. But unseen before and among us, deeply rooted like a fortress, a soft spot … Continue reading He’s Always There!